Need Help?

At any time, if you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, witness or experience inappropriate behaviour, or just need someone to talk to, please let us know as soon as you can.

The Summer Hop takes complaints and abusive behaviour seriously. We have a code of conduct for approaching breaches in conduct and will handle complaints with discretion and in confidence with the complainant.

You can approach:

  1. our event coordinators at the front desk.
  2. our safety committee. 

The event coordinators and safety committee are trained with code of conduct complaints and will make your complaint a priority.

If for whatever reason, you don’t feel comfortable with approaching someone we have an anonymous feedback form.

If someone lets you know that they have a complaint, please encourage them to talk to us, or seek their permission to come and talk to us yourself. Even if they think it is a trivial issue, we want to know about it so we can be prepared to take action and prevent situations from escalating.

Code of Conduct

Summer Hop is dedicated to providing a safe event experience for everyone involved, regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, ability, physical appearance, race, ethnicity, or religion (or lack thereof). Every person at our event (including attendees, DJs, volunteers, band members, and staff) has an absolute right to feel safe and respected at all times. We do not tolerate harassment or bullying in any form.

Every person attending or associated with Summer Hop in any capacity is required to abide by the Summer Hop code of conduct at all times. If you violate the following standards of conduct, we may ask you to leave the event immediately and will notify the police if necessary. We may ask you to not return over the course of the weekend, or to future events. We reserve the right to decide who attends Summer Hop and we will ensure the comfort and safety of all attendees.

Safety is a priority

  • Please ensure you use full access to your senses and spatial awareness to protect yourself, your dance partner and others in the community – on and off the dance floor. That includes refraining from performing aerials on the social dance floor.
  • In the same sentiment, if you feel unsafe at any point in any capacity, you are at full liberty to remove yourself from that situation without explanation. We also trust you to know your own limits and not to push yourself beyond them.
  • If your actions have accidentally caused someone discomfort or embarrassment, please apologise.

This space is for everyone

  • No matter your gender identity, heritage, sexual orientation, age, physical appearance, ability or religion, (this is not a definitive list), you are fully welcome here and can be expected to be treated as such. We will not tolerate any harassment, discrimination, bullying or intimidating behaviour of any kind from anyone.

You are welcome to say no

  • Accepting to dance or interact with someone is a voluntary act – not a requirement. At no point do you need to justify your actions for not accepting an invitation to dance or engage with someone. Additionally, if someone does not take you up on your offer that is their business, not yours – be gracious and move on.

Keep communication open and accessible

  • If something doesn’t feel right or you feel uncomfortable dancing with a partner – it’s OK to let them know. Keep in mind that as a partnered dance, both people contribute to connection and how the dance ‘feels’.
  • Do not give unsolicited advice on someone else’s dancing unless explicitly asked to. It is not your place to critique another’s dancing ability.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is unwanted or unwelcome sexual behaviour. Sexual harassment can make a person feel offended, humiliated or intimidated. Sexual harassment can be physical, verbal or written. It can include (but isn’t limited to):

  • comments about a person’s private life or the way they look
  • sexually suggestive behaviour, such as leering or staring
  • brushing up against someone, touching, fondling or hugging
  • sexually suggestive comments or jokes
  • displaying offensive photos or objects
  • repeated requests to date
  • requests for sex
  • sexually explicit emails, text messages or posts on social networking sites.

Sexual harassment is against the law, and in some cases may constitute assault which is a criminal offence. Examples include indecent exposure, stalking and sexual assault, as well as obscene or threatening phone calls, letters, emails, text messages and posts on social networking sites.

A single incident is enough to constitute sexual harassment or assault – it doesn’t have to be repeated.


Bullying is verbal, physical, social or psychological abuse that creates a risk to a person’s health and safety (including mental health).

Sexual harassment and bullying behaviours will not be tolerated at Summer Hop. It is your responsibility to monitor your own behaviour and educate yourself on what types of behaviour are inappropriate, and act accordingly. Always seek consent.

These rules also apply to all online and electronic forms of communication associated with this event.

Summer Hop Policies

Alcohol Policy

Do not bring alcohol to licensed events.

You may bring alcoholic beverages to non-licensed venues. However:

  • The supply of alcohol to minors is illegal and will result in immediate expulsion from the event. If you are unsure if a person is a minor, do not provide alcohol until proof of age is provided
  • If you behave inappropriately as a result of intoxication, we reserve the right to remove you from the event
  • Do not drink and drive. We can assist in finding alternative arrangements.

Illegal Substances Policy

Do not bring illegal substances or dangerous items to any Summer Hop events. This includes illicit drugs and weapons of any sort. We reserve the right to determine if an object brought to the event is dangerous or not.

Unaccompanied Minors Policy

As the Summer Hop has licensed events, we are legally restricted from having minors under the age of 18 attend without a parent or guardian.

All minors attending licensed or late night events require a parent or guardian. Parents and guardians must be in attendance at the event at all times, for the duration of the event. It is the responsibility of the parent and guardian to organise this prior to the event. Summer Hop organisers, volunteers or affiliates are unable to be a proxy guardian at events.

Accommodation for unaccompanied minors should also be organised by parents prior to the event. The Summer Hop will not host unaccompanied minors. We recommend ensuring a safe in the environment in which they are placed.

Minors will be required to wear an identifying item (wristband, etc.) provided by the Summer Hop so that licensed venues and other attendees can identify them.

Hosting Policy

The Summer Hop will endeavour to find appropriate hosting for all people that request it, but this may not always be possible due to timing and numbers.

If we are unable to find a host, we will advise you of the status of your request as early as possible so that you can find alternate accommodation. Also, please let us know if your circumstances change and you no longer require accommodation as soon as possible.

Any Summer Hop participant or Sugarfoot Stomp member acting as a host or hostee, either officially or unofficially in the hosting program must abide by the Code of Conduct at all times.

The Summer Hop will not provide hosting for unaccompanied minors. See the Unaccompanied Minor Policy regarding the minor’s parent’s responsibility for organising accommodation.