Community safety team

To help make sure Summer Hop events run smoothly and that everyone has a great time, we have an awesome community safety team who are there to make sure you feel valued, safe and respected.

You can find at least one member of the team at every Summer Hop event. They’ll be wearing badges so you can spot them in the crowd. You can approach them and talk to them about anything and everything, including any issues you may have. They are also your port of call if you have any concerns about our code of conduct, or if you wish to report a safe scenes incident.

There’ll also be a number of community safety volunteers around who you can also talk to. They’ll also be wearing badges so please feel free to say hi!

You can also contact the community safety team remotely on 021 242 2835 or you can contact us anonymously

Your Summer Hop community safety team

Thanks for helping to make the Summer Hop 2018 a fantastic event for everyone!