1Summer Hop DJ Battle 2019!

Running for the second time, we are amped to bring you the Summer Hop DJ Battle 2019.  We’re on the lookout for volunteers to take part in what is sure to become the newest and greatest Summer Hop tradition!

This year, we’ve made the competition much more beginner DJ-friendly, and opened it to explore the creative, wacky and silly side of swing music!

There’s prizes up for grabs, as well as adulation from your new-found fans!

How it works

We’ve had a makeover with the DJ Battle format. A week or so out from Summer
Hop, we will send a list of swing-friendly themes for you to plan your 20 minute DJ set around. At the event, you will draw out the one theme you will DJ. There will be time to tweak your DJ set after the draw. Easy peasy! It will be a night packed with fun and laughs!
Everyone will receive 2 tokens on entry to the DJ Battle to place in the jar of their favourite DJ throughout the DJ Battle.
Voting is based on…
– How close the DJs are to their theme
– Entertainment vibes of the songs
– Dance floor participation

Check out our DJs!

DJ Battle Profiles #1             DJ Battle Profiles #2

DJ Battle Profiles #3.png         DJ Battle Profiles #4

DJ Battle Profiles #5         DJ Battle Profiles #6

DJ Battle Profiles #7

How to take part

To throw your hat into the ring email amy.burt@sugarfootstomp.co.nz and she will send you the low down!