Getting here

Arriving by plane: Those flying into Wellington will need to take into account getting from the airport to the city.


Below are some travel options and estimated costs for for getting into the city:

  • Taxi/uber: expect to pay up between $25-$40.
  • Bus: bus transfers between the airport and the city. $12 cash.
  • Hire Car: best to arrange your hire car before arriving in Wellington and collect it from the airport.

Getting around Wellington

Wellington is a great compact city, so getting around on foot is a breeze. However, after a few days of dancing, we can understand if you’d rather not have to walk everywhere! Non-walking options for getting around include:

  • Buses: $2-$5 depending on how far you’re travelling. Bonus points for catching a ghost bus.
  • Taxi/Uber:
    • Getting to events: approx $15-$20
    • Getting around Wellington CBD: approx $10.


Looking for somewhere to stay?
There’s a range of great places to stay in Wellington. Many hotels are within walking distance to the CBD.

Hosting At Summer Hop

Who can be hosted at Summer Hop?

At the moment the Summer Hop will only attempt to host international guests but we cannot guarantee this will always be possible.

If you’re an international visitor and you’d like to be hosted, please contact

Why host an international visitor?

  • Tradition and goodwill: Hosting is a long-standing tradition with Lindy exchanges around the world, including Wellington. It’s part of the exchange spirit to offer a bed for a visitor, and to know they’ll ‘exchange’ the favour when you come to visit in their city.
  • Dance friendships: Having a house guest for an exchange makes the weekend just that little bit more fun. You get to meet new dancers, show off your city to visitors, and they get to learn things about Wellington through your expert local eyes.

Ask any veteran host and they can tell you about the strong friendships formed from hosting fellow dancers.

What do hosts do?

  • The basics: Locals simply offer a bed (or mattress or air mattress or couch) to visiting dancers. The usual deal for visitors is that they’re offered somewhere to sleep (with bedding), somewhere to wash, a basic breakfast and tips on how to get around.
  • Length of stay: Hosts aren’t expected to host their guests for any longer than the length of the exchange itself, though they may choose to do so. It’s a good idea to discuss this before the exchange weekend.
  • Transport and travel: Hosts with cars usually drive their guests to events with them. Hosts using public transport either tip their guest off on who to ask for lifts, or they take them with them on the bus. It’s a good idea for hosts to confirm their guest’s travel plans and arrival/departure times as soon as possible.

What do guests do?

  • Keep it clean: Guests are usually expected to tidy up after themselves, respect their host’s space and buy them a couple of drinks (or a lovely present) in gratitude. We ask you to only use your host’s phone and internet access if it is offered.
  • Reputation and hosting karma: How much further you go is entirely up to you. But particularly good hosts and house guests soon gain a reputation on the exchange circuit, and are very popular come registration time. Particularly bad house guests and hosts also gain a reputation.