We’d love for you to be part of our team! The Summer Hop is a not-for-profit event, run by a fantastic team of Sugarfoot Stomp members and volunteers and we always welcome extra hands on deck.

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We’d love your help!

What we offer:

We have a select number of volunteer passes available for dedicated individuals. To thank you for helping us out during the Summer Hop we offer:

  • Pass discount: volunteers get a special full-pass discount ($100).
  • Clear working times: You’ll know when and where you’ll be helping out before the Summer Hop begins.
  • Work that suits your skills: We want to play to your strengths. Let us know what you’re good at and we’ll do our best to give you tasks that reflect that.
  • Clear training and support: We’ll give you the tools, materials, and instructions needed to get the job done. However, at any time, if you feel you need clarification or extra support don’t be afraid to ask for help. Likewise, we won’t ask you to do anything that makes you uncomfortable or put you in an unsafe position.
  • Our gratitude: That’s got to count for something, right? We’ll also love you forever.

To volunteer for the Summer Hop all you need to do is select the volunteer option when registering and we’ll be in contact closer to the event. If you know there’s a time when volunteering won’t work for you or certain work that you would rather do, please let us know in the registration form or as early as you can. We will do our best to accommodate preferences.